Last updated AUGUST 15 2016




Hello!  Builders,


By now, you have heard that there have been some changes at Sequoia Aircraft.

You may have received  an e-mail telling you about the planned fabrication of composite parts for the beginning of 2015. the original dead line for orders has been extended several times to make sure everyone has had the opportunity to place orders for the components they may need in the near future. If you are reading this on the CODEVCO.WS web site, you already know my plans to complete the Catamaran and "sail away".  As it stands at this writing, there is no current plan for the next run of composite parts. All the molds are still in my possession, they have been re-furbished and fabrication is in "full swing". Shipments have started and will continue until all parts ordered have been delivered. As long as fabrication is ongoing, most parts can still be ordered. Some materials are specific for the Falco composite components and I am asking you to order ASAP so materials can be on hand, in time. New orders received after this date, can not be guaranteed to be added to this current run. Click here for the availability of your ordered parts as well as availability of some spares. The attached order form asks for a 60% deposit to cover the start up and materials costs. If you have cash flow considerations, please contact me via e-mail. (fredjiran@codevco.ws )

Please click on this link to download the ORDER FORM


Thank you for your order



Fred Jiran










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