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It is over 8 years   after Hurricane IKE. It took me more than one year to re-build the workshop and then the house.  It is hard to believe how difficult it is to make better progress. Two hands, one "feeble mind", are all I have to keep up with  every day maintenance and basic bills.  To speed up progress I made up my mind to look for a partner or partners.

Here is a brief overview of the current position:

With the input of some $60,000 over the next year, the catamaran will be ready to "float".  A mayor mile stone which should attract further funding to install the propulsion system. After that is accomplished the Catamaran can go into its element and be used to generate a little income as a party boat / fishing platform.  Short excursions into the Gulf and overnight accommodations for some guests. Providing food and beverages should cover costs + a little extra.

I plan on living on the "CAT"  renting out my house and supervising the construction of the mast and rigging - being constructed on my land in San Leon.

Depending on the preferences of the partner(s) and available funding, these plans can be changed.


Both hulls are now "standing up"

STBD HULL is mostly "decked in" has some bulkheads installed, some "floors" installed, a portion of the transom attached.

PT hull is assembled, deck beams are Installed. They floated away during IKE but have been constructed again and installed. almost all of the deck has been installed. Missing the BOW section and the area where the main beam(s) will be located.

Cabin:  structural "I" beams and "box" beams are completed, many of the cabin "roof" panels were  built. (most floated away during IKE and need to be re-built)

Stern: One  is built, it will be used as a mold to construct the second one.

Bow:  the main " Stem / Keel" beams are built, most portions of the triangular "top beams" have been constructed. then lost during IKE. The "first" of the replacements is virtually complete and will be used as the template to duplicate once and then twice as a mirror image.

There are (obviously) two bows. One on the PORT, hull the other on the STBD hull, each having a Port and a STBD side. I now have one of the PORT side and one of the STBD side virtually completed and ready for finishing.

After preliminary finishing of each, they will be the MOLDS for the second ones. Yes, they will be ~1" larger. An insignificant difference to be compensated for during installation.

Hull connecting beams: which will support the decked area between the hulls are completed. We lost all but three of them during IKE but they have been built again and all but two have been connected to the STBD hull and are ready to be connected to the PORT hull. The final positioning of the hulls, relatively to each other, has to be completed. ( some minor adjustments are needed).

Most of the remaining materials for the rest of the structure, are  in hand and paid for. (go to what we need for the listing of the remainder)

Virtually all the design work has been completed. (go to what we need for the remainder).

current pictures

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