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The cabin is designed to provide the "play space" for whomever may be on the CAT at the time. I It is quite large ***x*** aft of the main bulkhead. t will also accommodate the galley at the rear port side. Stand up room for a 6'2" (xx) over most of the space. (see cross section). There will be one head and one shower near the aft Stbd side. All other heads and showers will be in the hulls as part of the cabins for the passengers. Renderings of these will be available in the near future. There are tow "box beams" one aft and one forward, and xxx I beams in between. The very forward support for the cabin is the MAIN BULKHEAD. forward of the main bulkhead is the bridge. The bridge will also have minimal amenities, like a urinal and a bunk bead to allow for extended presence there.



Cabin structure under the house

Cabin beams built in a simple jig

Another view

Cabin beams ready for joining

this should give a "feel" for the size


built in halves due to space restrictions





Cabin beams being joined

 Another view

Cabin roof panels

Cabin panels, including some joining strips


completed ones in the rear

1"  "NIDACORE"(r)  honeycomb + glass

IKE took most of these








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