The hulls are a composite sandwich, using Epoxy as a matrix and E-glass as the reinforcement fibers. PVC  foam  ( from DIAB ) is used as the core material. The glass fabric used, is mostly DB 170, a stitched cloth with the fibers running at  45deg to each other. The added 4 layers, inside and outside, below the water line are 20 oz Woven roving or equivalent.

For economical reasons, the hulls are symmetrical for and aft as well as left to right. They were constructed by laminating the outside skin  into a steel mold then  vacuum bagging the PVC foam into the "skinned" mold after which we hand laminated the inner skin onto the foam core.The first four segments were built in Mojave CA, ca.1988, where my business used to be. Unfortunately the other four segments needed for the second hull were never completed in Mojave, as was contracted to the new owner of the business. The mold was disassembled and stored for many years in Las Vegas before the steel ribs were shipped to San Leon for re-assembly in order to build the second hull in 2005.  SOME 17 YEARS LATER!

Economic difficulties, as well as the need to relocate twice, have slowed the progress over the years. We are now back on track and moving forward as fast as cash flow allows. WE ARE LOOKING FOR INVESTORS!  Another 17 years is tooooo long to work until completion!


Stbd Hull forward section

Port Hull forward section

Port Hull aft section

Both Hulls  forward sections



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