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The first stern was built in Mojave over a steel mold. 3 layers of 1/2" plywood was used as the core material then covered with 8 layers of DB 170. Later inverted and the inside skin, also 8 layers of DB 170 was applied. In retrospect I will not repeat this process. The second Stern will use the first one as a mold and the core will be PVC foam, just like the hulls. I will also use a little less glass above the water line. Right now I do not have enough money to buy more resin or get help for the laminations. It will just have to wait 'til finances pick up again. IKE took most of the pictures of the stern construction but here is at least one. the stairs are visible in the center. The wooden tongue, used to move the hull from 7th street to 9th street is still mounted. where the stern will go. 












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