Last update JULY 2017



This page is only listing a synopsis of each component.. For further detail go to their pages.

Hulls: Almost complete, minor but labor extensive work to be done

Bow(s): Molds / one of each are almost built

Stern(s): One is built, will be used as the mold for the second need

Cabin: The cabin Beams are built

Deck: The deck molds are built

Main connecting Bulkheads: We have the materials but the design needs to be verified

Transom: It has been started on the STBD hull

Raw materials: Much of it in stock. An exact inventory has not been taken. We will still need to purchase some

Mast: Will be carbon fiber (luckily this material is getting less expensive by the month!)

Propulsion System:  A 16,000 W (200 HP) diesel engine is needed. Any ideas ? ? let me know through the "Contact" page

Electronics: Likely keep it pretty basic: but an Internet connection WILL BE included

Interior: Comfortable but basic


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