This page is just an overview of this great project.  As Composite Development Corporation, we spent several years on the development, fabrication and sales of VariEze components.



While operating as Fred Jiran Glider Repairs on the Mojave Airport, Burt Rutan arrived with the thoughts of starting his own kit plane. He was so impressed with the technology employed in the fabrication and construction of European built gliders, that he decided that his aircraft would be using "FIBERGLASS" also. It would be so "VariEze" for the home builder. I feel very proud to have been helpful in transferring the basics of composite construction techniques and material choices to Burt Rutan. We all know how much he expanded on these "BASICS" and what all has happened to the homebuilt and commercial aircraft industry in the last 20+ years. Visit Scaled Composite's Web site and see for yourself!

Our contribution to RAF (Rutan Aircraft Factory) did not just stop with the transfer of technology, We proceeded - with Burt's encouragement - to develop the means of fabricating all the landing gears needed. Some pictures are on the next page.

We also generated the plugs and fabricated the molds for the cowlings, O-200 and Lycoming engines,  for wheel pants, fuel strakes, nose gears and canopy frames. . We subsequently sold many hundreds of these units under contract to RAF. (some pictures of them)

We later developed a wing  kit (including the center spar connecting structure)  for the home builder. These components were proof loaded to failure with the help of NASA engineers and instrumentation. (proof load pictures) This project was a technical success but financial disaster for us. We learned  a lot but it cost us a lot of money.



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