Currently being updated as of July 2022



Sailing the Gulf and the Caribbean Islands




Envision a week or five! away from the "Big City" with just a very few others,


There will be internet access and "easy going"  while on board! The accommodations will be comfortable but Spartan. 3 Cabins  will have heads and showers.  (take it easy on the fresh water!)


Cold beverages, good food.


The Catamaran will "hide" in the South Atlantic during Hurricane season. Some of you may want to stay on board, some may not want to be away for that long.

(note: there are only very rare Hurricanes S of the Equator in the Atlantic)


The vessel can be assumed to sail 50 to 200 Nm per day, this said; it may take a week or more to get to, where you can fly home from.




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