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January 2022  it has been a long time since the last up date. This does not mean nothing has happened, albeit, slowly!

                        The most important statement I can make at this time:  THE BOWS WILL BE FINISHED AND INSTALLED VERY SOON !!

There is a very good chance that the vessel will be "watertight" by mid 2023. Bows on - sterns on  IF FUNDING IS SECURED !

I am hoping that this will prove to some INVESTOR(s) or PARTNER(s) that this is a viable task and will be completed by the end of 2025 !


November 2015 to current  Many, not visible items were worked on. Significant work was done on the upper bow beams, the second bow mold, the positioning of the previously built connecting beams, last but not least, it took a considerable effort and money to clean up between the hulls. this area had been used to construct the "Turrell Skyspace" for a customer in California. The temporary flooring and tables used for that project, had done their job and needed to go. Most importantly, I decided that it is time to look for a partner or partners to speed up the completion of the project. We completed the preliminary design for another "Turrell Skyscape" project in San Louis Obispo CA. Should we be selected to build these structures further funding for the boat will become available as well.

2015  to October 2015  We decided to set up for a production run of the FALCO composite Components we had previously (197?) constructed the molds for. The last components are ready to ship. This work kept me "eating" but once again did not provide enough spare cash to make significant progress on the Catamaran. Someone told me that my last birthday, on the 10th of October gave me 75 years on the planet. IT IS TIME TO MAKE SOME REAL CHANGES ! Keep coming back to see what we have decided to do about getting some money coming in!!!!

2013 -2014  A contract, to document the deterioration of the concrete on the exterior of the HARRIS COUNTY ADMINISTRATION BUILDING in downtown Houston, made enough cash flow to proceed very slowly on some parts of the Catamaran. I started to construct the second Bow which is now ready for the outside lamination of the structural fiberglass. (As is the first Bow, constructed before IKE and surviving with virtually no damage). During the summer of 2014 I was asked to design and document the Carbon Fiber Repairs on the Harris County Admin. Building. This contract provided the "survival" cash flow but did not leave very much for progress on the Catamaran.

 Summer 2012 to Fall 2012       We completed the construction of the TURRELL "SKYSPACE"   late in 2012. For reasons no longer important, it took a tremendous effort, all of our time and did not "put enough money into the bank" to make significant progress on the Catamaran.

2012 July  We have had a very trying two years. All we managed to accomplish is the installation of some deck panels. Finally landed a contract to build one of James TurrelL SKYSPACE STRUCTURES for a customer in Santa Monica CA.  If all goes well, we will have the components completed by the end of July and will have a "couple" of bucks to carry on with the completion of the CAT. I will post some pictures of the project and the installed deck panels as soon as I have a little time to spare.

2010 July  Completed the design and bid on the construction of a roof segment, on yet another "Turrell Skyspace"  Awaiting a response from the contractor.

2010 June  Back on track at a slow pace. We are now installing deck beams and will start on the deck panels very soon.  Also bid on the design, fabrication and installation support for another "Turrell Skyspace".  Now on hold  also due to funding issues.

2010 In between  completed a contract task for Rice University in Texas, for the design and installation of a composite roof structure on a "Turell Skyspace"  (On hold due to funding issues)

2010 April - May Fabricated lots of deck panels, connecting beams and deck beams, then ran out of money again  :-(

2010 January - March Still working on the shop, looking for work and trying to get back to "THE TASK"

2009 carrying on, one year later This entire year has been spent re-building the shop and getting my house back into some shape.

2008 Hurricane IKE  September 12-13  I will post some pictures and a brief description of what happened to the catamaran and its components, scary but also lucky ??

2008 August- Hurricane IKE  fabricating the first hull connecting beams and proof loading the first one

2008 June - July - repairing a nose cone \ luggage pod, for a Twin Otter, fabricating "bow planks", setting up and starting construction of the hull connecting  beams.  

2008 APRIL - May   Repairing a RAV-4, re-painting a CORVETTE,  organizing the "tool trailer", WORKING ON THE BOW

2008 March -  our current progress and position.

Some intermittent work on  aircraft structures is keeping the "wolves at bay" I am working on completing the first bow section on days when the weather is manageable.  I am also concentrating on finding potential investors or partners for the CATAMARAN to speed up the completion. I am offering a significant interest in the project in return for financial participation. (click for details)

2007 I decided to try and improve my cash position by spending most of the year working on the house in order to re-finance and get cash out. Installing hardwood floors throughout, constructing a bay window, completely refurbishing the bath room including a "Jacuzzi". This effort turned out to be worthless as far as "cash out" was concerned. The housing market dropped and the re-finance yielded less than the money spent on the task. Another year without significant progress on the boat and another cash crunch.

2006 For personal reasons I needed to spend some time in Europe which slowed progress again and also depleted funds. Despite these difficulties, progress continued at some rate.

2005 The port hull is now under construction  FINALLY MORE SIGNIFICANT PROGRESS!

2003 Progress has been very slow, changes had to be made: Although the house was a long way from finished,  I decided to mortgage the house in order to purchase materials for the remainder of the boat construction. Some $80,000 were spent on glass, resin and core materials. (what we have)  Construction proceeded at a reasonable pace until I ran out of cash for labor again.


2001-2002 Spent all my available money and time on purchasing and improving some lots next to my house so I would have a place to continue with "the project"  I had purchased these adjacent lots on tax foreclosure sales during the last year or so. After  improving this "jungle and mud hole" by clearing and adding fill, top soil and finally oyster shells and crushed concrete to provide a workable surface, I moved the hull from its first location on a quiet Sunday morning before the local "cops" new what was happening.

2000 I had no choice but to move to  the "fixer upper' house on 9th street and try and make a living there. Once again I was without a decent shop.  A good portion of the next two years, I spent with my  mother in Vienna during her loosing battle with cancer.  

1992 -2000  Slow but steady progress - I had rented space to park my "live in reefer" the tool trailer and enough land to assemble the catamaran. Money was in continued very short supply. I purchased a third insulated trailer to use as work space and repaired sailplanes as the opportunity arose. A local contract to re-furbish the fiberglass, sewer system, man holes in San Leon provided me with an income and some money to spare to continue on the "cat" This was literally the "shittiest" job I ever had but money is money. I  succeeded to get the use of a 60ft x 40ft steel building and was hoping I could once again expand a little to improve my cash flow to speed up the construction of the boat. For very disappointing reasons, no longer important, I lost the use of the shop.

1992 Now back in Southern Texas I decided to locate in San Leon. I had purchased and modified a 44ft x 8ft "reefer" to live in and also purchased another regular 40 trailer to hold tools and equipment.

By now Dennis had managed to complete the other three of the hull units needed to construct the first hull. It was evident that the remaining four sections and the sterns were not going to be completed by him. At that time I was still on good terms with my EX, Darla and she agreed to travel to Mojave and initiate the transportation of the existing hull sections, the roughly completed first Stern section and some materials and tools belonging to me.

Finally it looked like I was going to get back to building the catamaran.

The first four segment were assembled into the first hull.

The deck mold was constructed.

Deck panels were being laminated and installed.

I was squeezing out a living by repairing gliders under the most difficult conditions. Without a real shop this was simply not an easy or profitable undertaking. I purchase a "fixer upper" house in San Leon, hoping to have an easier way to make some money.  Just then a real nice shop was made available to me by my ex wife's new husband, Burt. A long term "unbreakable" contract was verbally agreed to and I decided to start back up as an aircraft repair shop and solicit Government contracts again. To cut a long story short, just when things looked like they were going to get going again Darla and Burt were going through a divorce. The outcome for me was that I lost the use of the shop which is now empty and serving no purpose for anyone.


1990 I moved to Flagstaff, AZ to continue to design and work on the high altitude glider project. Lack of funding ended that project about 18months later and left me without "visible means of support"

1988    The design had been firmed up enough to start building parts. Due to financial considerations I had chosen to build the hulls symmetrical left to right and fore and aft. This allowed me to build one 40ft mold to construct both entire hulls. (excluding bows and sterns)

The mold was constructed from welded up negative "bulkheads" and lined with sheet metal. At that time I was awaiting the call from NASA to complete the third portion of a contract to modify the "third" wing of a F-14 "Tomcat". For unforeseeable political reasons this never happened. The cost of maintaining my shop while waiting and the general displeasure with the "System" convinced me to sell my business and move on to complete the catamaran.

While still in Mojave, CA at my facility -Composite Development Corporation - I completed the mold and fabricated the first one quarter section of the first hull.  I had also completed the stern mold and fabricated the major portion of the stern.

My lead man, Dennis, was to take over the shop and in return fabricate the remaining seven quarter sections of the hulls and complete both the stern sections. After many months and many thousands of dollars sent to keep the "shop alive"  :


Traveling and  looking for a location to build the catamaran come hell or high water I finished up in the Clear Lake area just South of Houston. While there, a design contract to modify some gliders for a high altitude attempt, kept me going financially. It became clear that I had to increase my cash flow to get back to building the CAT.


1987    Returning from Tahiti after spending two weeks on my friends catamaran TABOO III, my mind was made up. I started actively designing the catamaran instead of just thinking about it. First I chose the parameters for the vessel: 

1 A protected space above the hulls to allow sailing in colder climates

2 Minimal draft to allow beaching for maintenance and entry into shallow lagoons

3 Stand up room in the hulls and cabin for 6'2" person ( I am 5'6" on a "tall day")

4 Sufficient "comforts" for my later days - hot showers / cold beverages


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