I am offering 270 shares at $1,000 each in return for a 49% interest in the Catamaran


Your investment will be protected.

FIRST; by the equity in my property, should I become unable (for any reason) to complete the construction. A trust fund will be set up for that purpose.

THEN; after completion of  Phase one: WHEN THE BOAT CAN FLOAT! the value of the vessel will be real. Est. > $600 K

The vessel will be completed, assuming funding can be received, no later than December 2025 (earlier if the weather is favorable to working). The realistic value will then be least $2,500,000.

I will be living on the catamaran and  use the boat for occasional trips to the " Islands ",  as well as an income providing platform for very small groups of guests, a few days or more, at  the time. 

Income potential from charter trips:   (more)





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