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This page is only listing a synopsis of each component.. For further detail go to their pages.

Hulls: Almost complete, minor but labor extensive work to be done

Bow(s): currently worked on, a  STBD and a PT side part / mold are virtually complete. These will be the finished bow sections and the molds for the second set.

Stern(s): One is built,  it will be finished, then used as the mold for the second one.

Cabin: The cabin Beams are built. The outer panels, including "port holes" are large surfaces, however simple to build and install. The upper surface will hold solar panels and be used for rainwater collection.

Deck: The deck-beams are finished and installed. The fabrication and installation of the upper and lower surfaces are  large but simple tasks.

Main connecting Bulkheads: We have all the fiberglass, the plan on how to construct them, but funding for the resin and labor is needed.

Transom: It has been started on the STBD hull

Raw materials: some 40 K of fiberglass and epoxy resin is in stock, however a "bunch" is still needed, awaiting funding.

Mast: Will be of carbon fiber construction, a rotating, free standing, partial wing mast, with the fabric main sail at its trailing edge.

Propulsion System: 

Electronics: Likely keep it pretty basic: but an Internet connection WILL BE included

Interior: Comfortable but basic

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