From my perspective:

An investment of $270K (partially secured by my property, including a house) would give you a 49% interest in an ocean going vessel.

I am offering one SHARE  of 270 in return for each one thousand dollars invested.

50% of this money is "protected" by the equity in my property, the rest is at risk until the "BOAT FLOATS"


The value of the catamaran, when floating and ready to use as a fishing platform and temporary "get-away"   > $2,500,000

Accommodating a few guests should yield a net return of >$100 / person / day. 

At 50% utilization this would still amount to $9,000.00 monthly, 10 month / year amounts to $90,000.

I am prepared to disburse the entire net income as long as I am living on the boat.

Your money back in fewer than 4 years!!  better than many other investments -  and you still own a large part of  the vessel!

Your money can also be repaid with the proceeds of the sale of the property, which will happen as soon



Note: I estimate; it will take 3 years to complete the catamaran. (Maybe two, if the weather is nice to us)

Should I become unable to complete, for any reason, most - if not all - of your investment can be recovered by the use or sale of my property. After just one more year of  construction, the vessel will be far enough along to represent "real $ value" anyhow.





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