Currently being updated as of July 2022






There is more than "one way to build a cat"


here is the OVERALL PLAN


Complete the vessel in two phases within the next three years


Phase one:  Structurally complete, with basic electronics and electric propulsion installed,  $150 K


Phase two:   Mast, sails, interior in hulls and cabin,  $120 K


I am planning to raise $300 K to provide a little margin for the unexpected


Experience has shown that constructing parts as small amounts of monies became  available;  is not cost effective.

It did, however,  get the results now in the yard, ready for completion.

While awaiting results of my funding efforts, I am staying  busy working on a "ton" of  "smaller tasks," Many needing funding as well:

Some of these projects are also designed to provide work for the crew while we are "rained out" or waiting for resins to cure.

Bottom line: next goal is to complete the bows and mount them. As soon as we have secured 20K we will proceed.     (Note: the first "some" 150K can be secured by equity in my property)


Got to "smaller tasks," for a list of the projects on the "drawing board"





Carry on with my own two hands and limited resources??  this is what I have done for decades and it needs to change ! 


Find a partner or partners who want to share the boat for some periods of time to sail the Gulf, the Caribbean, the Bahamas .  (more)

Interest an INVESTOR(s),  interested in  a small return while I am alive, then own the boat upon my demise.    (more)


Sell 300 shares @ $1,000.00 for 49% of the ownership of the Catamaran and its potential  income  and use.       (more)


If you want an "OFFSHORE" business address, this catamaran would provide the "Perfect platform", cruising the Gulf of Mexico, internet access and plenty of space for a small staff,  within easy reach by power boat.       (more)


Find a partner or partners who are interested in a life on the sea. (no mask required!)       (more)


Statement for all:  The equity in the property where I live and am building the boat, is in the order of  $200 K. It is available as "a back" up for the partner(s) or investor(s) should I become unable to complete the vessel for any reason. Your money will be returned from my estate.


















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