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Personal History

Manfred Jiran (Fred)

Born 10/10/1940 Vienna, Austria               (click HERE for more details)

Graduated from Vienna Technical Institute 1958, B.S.M.E.


1971 - 1988 Holder of Federal Aviation Repair Station Certificate #401‑47 as
Fred Jiran Glider Repairs.
F.A.A. Airframe Mechanics Certificate #1986415
F.A.A. Commercial pilot certificate #1920733
Glider Rating: Instructor
Power Rating, Private: Single Engine, Land
PADI:  Open Water Diver Certificate # 85098289


Soaring Society of America,

Experimental Aircraft Association

LANGUAGES: German, English


Resident of Australia                 (click   HERE for more details)

Where I lived "ALL OVER"  mostly in the "busch"  "behind the black stump" without electricity for over ten years! Great years of my life!!    (click here for more details)

Represented the Australian Soaring Team as a repair technician in Poland during the 1968 World Championship.

As a result I was invited to obtain specialized training in the repair and modifica­tion of composite aircraft structures by FLUG und FAHRZEUGWERKE in Switzerland. This company engaged me to perform major modifications to some 16 DIAMANT sailplanes. Most of these were located in Australia and the U.S.A. The modifications were completed by 1969.. I also spent an additional year or so in Germany with two other sailplane manufacturers to become trained as their representative in the USA for repairs and maintenance of their aircraft.


1988- Present

Design and construction of a 97 ft ocean going catamaran. I am also accepting assignments as a consultant for composite structures and tooling.

Some repair and fabrication work of composite aircraft components is still accepted and is a part of the income needed to move forward on the CAT.


Manager and chief engineer of Fred Jiran Glider Repairs. (A sole proprietorship).
CEO of Composite Development Corp. (formed 1977).
As the chief engineer of both organizations I became responsible for the successful completion of some one hundred NASA contracts and hundreds of industrial and experimental aircraft projects.
I sold my interest in Composite Development Corporation to Chadd Aero Restoration in 1988 and assumed the D.B.A. CODEVCO

COmposite DEVelopment. & COnsulting          ( Now a LLC)



40 + years design and fabrication of structural composite components for Aircraft, Marine, Automotive, Civil  and  Wind turbine applications.
Design and fabrication of prototype machinery and fixtures to support the construction of above components.


40 years of small business administration, personnel management, accounting, quality control, customer relations, contracts procurement and administration.


More than 30 years experience in the set up and running of production of composite components. Including advanced composites, vacuum bagged, sandwiched, pressure molded, heat cured parts using epoxy and polyester resins.

Created tooling, set up fabrication for all VariEze components. We built thousands of components.
Set up and fabrication of more than one thousand sets of fuselage shells for two seat composite aircraft.  The Q-200
Over one thousand Pre‑preg, pressure molded, roving landing gears for composite aircraft.
Many thousand polyester cowlings, fairings and other semi structural aircraft components.


Successfully completed many complex and difficult contracts utilizing the skills of specialized and diversified contractors. I am the recipient of several NASA merit awards for the timely and quality completion of difficult contracts.


40+ years experience in the design and fabrication of prototype and production molds, fixtures and machinery.

PROTOTYPE TASKS: (only some are listed)

Design and fabrication of several prototype sailplanes
Design and fabrication of VariEze components for Burt Rutan
Design of molds and fuselages for all Q-200 aircraft
Design and fabrication of various drones for NASA and military use.
Design and fabrication of main structural components for many aircraft.
Design and fabrication of  wind turbine blades.
Large scale aerodynamic modifications on jet aircraft; sub‑ and supersonic. (NASA)
Design and fabrication of a free standing, carbon fiber, rotating wing mast, for F-27 Trimaran 


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