Tonja and Greg,  

 (these pages are for you only, there are no links to it, however, it is on the web)

At your options, I will list you on the page "Sponsors"

First of all, thank the both of you, for trusting that I will complete the CATAMARAN !!!

Should I wake up "dead" before completion of  Phase One:  there is enough money in various bank accounts, cash and in the equity of the property, to cover these loans.

A lien on the property will be filed in a week or three, to protect your investments.

Tonja is the executer of the estate and she will make sure that Greg and all other obligations are satisfied.

I will be posting all known obligations on this page - updated regularly.

Both of you are making it possible for me to get back to work at a much better pace than I could afford just a week ago!  ( most people go to work to make money - I SPEND MONEY WHEN WORKING  !! )

As of October 31, 2023:

Links to  pages of spreadsheets listing current cash and loan positions:

Funding requests    Next needs likely January 24

Current accounting      Loan and equity positions    should be self explanatory, updated monthly

Flowchart       updated as best I can

The flowchart maybe a little hard to understand. It is mostly for my needs. However, it may give you an idea of the complexity of scheduling the work, considering workers availability, weather and space available.



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