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PLEASE NOTE: The following offers may be withdrawn or changed at any time. "click" on the headings for more details

I am offering several options for the purchase of the house and seven lots.

All options will require a down payment plus 36 monthly payments, possibly followed by a balloon payment after 36 months.




The BUYER pays TODAY'S fair price for the property and the house, then leases the entire property to the current owner, Fred Jiran for three years Fred Jiran will maintain the property and pay the mortgage including taxes and insurances.  With this option the current “grandfather” position of taxes and insurances will stay in place until my departure, (one way or the other) or the completion of the contract.


OPTION 1: Owner financed

The BUYER pays the current fair price for the house on four lots, including a first option to buy the S three lots upon my departure, I will vacate the house and move to the South 3 lots, continuing constructing the boat. I will need a reasonable amount of time to move my "stuff" out of the house. There is a rental trailer behind the house, its future use and income needs to be addressed as well.

If title to the house and four lots changes to a new owner, the remaining balance to Bank of America ( ~ 5o K) may have to paid if full. It is also likely that property taxes and insurances will increase.

OPTION 2: Outright purchase  

Should the BUYER have other interests in the property, than keeping the house, If the “price is right” I can move the catamaran under construction to another location and vacate the property completely. Time will be needed to move, the cost of moving will be included in the purchase price.


To contact me for discussion and or an inspection:

Best way, e-mail to:

Phone: 281 339 2537 unlikely to be answered, so please leave VOICE message. (land line can not accept text messages)

FAX: 832 327 7501


APPRAISAL 2021   Front side,  (Galveston County Tax Assessor Collector)

APPRAISAL 2021   Back  side,  (Galveston County Tax Assessor Collector)








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