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      29 d 28' 30"  N    94d 55' 31"

        1324 9th Street, San Leon TX 77539 

(between Ave M and Ave N, just North of "Topwater Grill")



South on I 45 to exit FM 517 Dickinson Stay on FM 517 cross FM 146 continue into San Leon

At Stop light -some 8m -you are at 9th Street turn right

On 9th Str we are between Ave M and Ave N

on the West side


The object for this SALE is to raise funds to complete the catamaran under construction,

located on the South 3 lots of the property.    Plot plan 2021  


There are several options to meet the goals of a BUYER and my needs for the space on the South three lots.

A  36 months payment plan is included in all options



Overall description:


APPRAISAL 2021   Front side,  (Galveston County Tax Assessor Collector)

APPRAISAL 2021   Back  side,  (Galveston County Tax Assessor Collector


The property consists of 7 lots, (175 ft x 130 ft) with the house on two lots and a one lot space between the neighbors to the North.

Most of the property has significant amounts of “fill” and stabilizing material on it. It is very firm even after significant rainfalls.

Currently there is a very inexpensive Mortgage to Bank of America with about 50 K  outstanding.

All insurances and taxes are current. I am “grandfathered in” on the insurances and property taxes. The current total monthly cost for the house and property is around $600.00.


The house is on pilings, living space is 12 ft 3" above mean Sea level. IKE, with a tidal surge exceeding 12 ft, DID NOT get into the house!

By adding a "Crows Nest" on top of existing structural pilings, you could have water view on three sides!!  (worth a "million")

I can retain title to the entire property to secure the very low tax rate and the "grandfather" clauses on the current wind storm and flood insurances until I leave - one way or the other. ( I am 82 years old) or until the property is fully paid for. The Lawyers can work out the details to secure your interest in the property.


A large, ocean going CATAMARAN is under construction on the three lots to the South. These lots will become available to the purchaser upon my departure, demise or completion of the vessel. Any remaining balance of the purchase price will have to be addressed at that time.

There is a rented 45 ft trailer at the rear of the house, the sale and / or current rental income are negotiable.

There are temporary structures on the property used as workshop areas. The removal or retention of them, is the choice of the Buyer.

The house needs some repairs and could use some cosmetic help as well. The upstairs condition is very good. Hardwood floors throughout, tiled, large bathroom, very large master bedroom, large kitchen with nice cabinets, adjoining the living room.


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